Zulay Latte Milk Frother ( Black)

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  • we're serious when it comes to our coffee. The Milk Boss frother brings a professional finishing touch to your latte, cappuccino, macchiato or hot chocolate. Make delicious frothers for your drinks at home without going to Starbucks with your very own milk frother. The benefits of having your own electric whisk are endless, you can make your own best lattes, you know your tastes.
  •  Customers say our frother works better than a manual whisk for making matcha tea and works much better than the fork or whisk for bullet proof coffee. It works great for mixing nutritious protein powder drinks without an additional container, blender or shaker bottle to wash Use our mini mixer for your whipping and mixing needs: Give healthy milkshakes and smoothies a boost by adding more whey powder or egg nog and mix.
  • The construction will last, backed by our Zulay warranty that won't rust or break. Our small and efficient frother works on all types of milk: half and half, creamy, soy, almond, cashew, hazelnut, whole milk and other dairy products such as butter or cream.
  • the practical and durable metal rack provides easy access to frothy products in seconds. Cleaning this matcha frother is even faster. To clean it, just put the whisk in hot running water and turn it on briefly - instant cleaning. When stored on a counter or table.

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