Sunbeam LED Power Failure Night Light, 3-pack

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Save yourself a stumble in the dark with this 3-pack power failure night light. Each LED night light is equipped with sensors that automatically respond to suit your needs, even when the power goes out. Customize your colour in night light mode, and in case of power failure, the unit emits a white light in low light to keep you safe. Push a button, and it becomes a personal flashlight. These lights are ideals for hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, or anywhere that needs a little extra light at night.

  • Built-in motion and photo sensors
  • Customize to suit your needs with 2 motion sensor settings
  • Unit cycling through all 12 colour options or favourite colour can be preset on the night light
  • Activation of motion sensor from up to 3 meters away
  • Plug conveniently folding away for convenience
  • Power failure light lasting 300 minutes on a full charge
  • Built-in LED flashlight running off a rechargeable battery in case of emergencies
  • Flashlight lasting for 3.5 hours on a full charge
  • Slim design blending into any décor and only covers a single outlet


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.79 cm x 2.31 cm x 11.49 cm (2.28 in. x 0.91 in. x 4.52 in.)
  • Weight: 0.12 kg (0.27 lb.)

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