Stinger FP15WC Outdoor Insect Zapper

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  • Scientifically tested and proven by entomologists; 3-in-1 kill system includes UV light, ocentol lure (sold separetly), and clog free kill grind. New design is quiet - no loud zapping
  • UV light attracts light-sensitive flying insects and lures them to electric grid where they are electrocuted. The NOsquito ocentol lure provides additional attraction by simulating human breath, drawing insects into the zapper. Single kill grid is designed to more effectively to kill insects and eliminate clogging. The flat panel grid increases kill area by 50%
  • Outer encolsure prevents children, pets, birds, and wildlife from contacting the electric grid. Mosquito defense, everday. All season long.
  • Durable, weather proof; and whole yard coverage up to 1/2 acre. Easy to use
  • IMPORTANT: When selecting a location, please remember that insects will be lured to the unit. Best yard placement is approximately 7.62 m (25 ft) AWAY from human activity. Hang unit 2.1 m (7 ft) high

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