Slendertone Arms7 Unisex Arms Muscle Trainer with 8 Adhesive GelPads

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The Slendertone® Arms7 system utilizes a patented system of proven EMS technology to strengthen, tone and firm your biceps and triceps. This is the same technology used by professional sports trainers and physical therapists worldwide. EMS stimulates the nerves that control these major arm muscles causing them to contract and relax. The result of this repetitive action is firmer, tighter and more toned arms.  


  • Increase upper arm strength and improve performance and muscle tone
  • Work both tricep and bicep muscles simultaneously
  • Tone, firm and strengthen with 3 custom programs
  • 99 intensity levels
  • Rechargeable
  • Portable and easy-to-use
  • Slendertone Arms7 unisex muscle training system
  • Rechargeable controller
  • AC charger
  • Set of 8 medical-grade GelPads™
  • Instruction manual
  • User manual, quick start guide
  • Travel pouch
  • 2-year limited

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