Rowenta 2-in-1 Active Carbon & Allergy + Filter for Rowenta Intense Purifier PU3040U0

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Product Details

Rowenta’s Pure Air 2-in-1 Active Carbon & True HEPA Allergy+ filter enables you to breathe pure air in your home and protects your health by trapping specific pollutants.
  • Dimensions (L × W × H): 43 cm × 28.2 cm × 5 cm (16.9 in. × 11.1 in. × 1.97 in.)
  • Weight: 0.71 kg (1.57 lb.)


  • Filtered particles: smoke, unpleasant odours, chemical pollutants, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), allergen and pollen, dust mite, germs and moulds, bacteria and viruses
  • Fits PU3040U0 ( item# 1421679) and PU3080U0 Intense Pure Air purifier    

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