POG Portable Ozone Generator and Air Purifier

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The POG® is a patented portable odour destroyer. A powerful tool to effectively eliminate odours at the source. Use the patented POG to eliminate stink in your life. Fast, effective and easy to use. The POG is the most practical odour-eliminating technology ever! Eliminate odours from your home, stinky athletic gear, musty basements, RVs and boats, tenting and outdoor gear, vehicles, pet odours, and much more. No maintenance and no filters or added costs. Just charge it and use it. Designed to remove odours in spaces 23 sq. m (250 sq. ft. or less).


  • UL wall charging block
  • Micro USB charging cable


  • POG technology destroys virtually all odours caused by bacteria, mould, mildew or smoke at the source
  • POG trickle technology keeps fabrics and materials safe and odour-free
  • Rechargeable battery lasts for up to 8 hours

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