Panasonic Slow Juicer

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The new Panasonic slow-speed juicer is a joy to use - compact, quiet and easy to handle. Reward yourself and your family with healthy juice and frozen desserts. 

Experience Fresh

Inspired by the Japanese appreciation of taste and social cooking, we at Panasonic have designed solutions to inspire real food experiences.

Get to Know your Product

Learn how your juicer works, how to create wonderful recipes and more with these instructional videos.

Squeezing While Preserving Nutrition

Stainless steel screw rotates by pressing and crushing to extract maximum juice and while retaining vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants.

Great Tasting Juices without the Separation

Ingredients are pressed and crushed for increased yield and minimum waste. Retains more Vitamin C and other nutrients than a standard high speed juicer.

3 Stages to Produce Tasty Frozen Desserts

Use the innovative frozen attachment to create delicious sorbets and frozen yogurts. Simply insert the frozen blue frozen attachment, freeze your fruits and veggies, drop them into the blender and enjoy

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