NutriBulle EveryGrain Cooker in Black

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The NutriBullet EveryGrain Cooker delivers perfectly cooked grains every time. This cooker features specialized presets for white rice, brown rice, quinoa and oats,


    • Adjustable temperature
    • Timer
    • Keep warm setting
    • Digital display
    • Hinged flip top
    • Push button operation
    • Plastic
    • Dishwasher safe parts/attachments
    • 2.5 qt. capacity
    • 5 cup dry rice capacity
    • 5 cup cooked rice capacity
    • Simplifies the process of preparing perfectly cooked grains Cooking grains correctly isn’t as easy as it seems
    • Knows the right preparation, liquid-to-grain ratio, temperature, and resting technique is essential to get the texture you crave
    • Programmed to deliver perfect results, every time
    • Specialized presets for white rice, brown rice, quinoa and oats, plus a catch-all “Grains” program for more exotic types
    • Features a steam function for stress-free prep of veggies, fish, and other meal components

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