NPET WF100 Cat Foutain, 54oz/1.6L Automatic Pet Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser with 2 Flow Modes, Bottom Suction LED Light Quiet Pump for for Cats & Small Dogs

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  • The NPET Pet Water Fountain has 2 modes: leaf-shaped mode and the gentle fountain mode, which could meet different needs of pets. Staying hydrated is the key to preventing kidney and urinary tract diseases. The lovely leaf-shaped attachment attracts your cats to drink more water to keep healthy.
  • Large Capacity: The 54oz/1.6L capacity makes this cat water dispenser a perfect fit for small dog breeds and all cats. With a water storage capacity of about 200ml, it is not only effective for animal drinking but also provides water for your pet in case of power outages.
  • Bottom Suction Pump: This automatic water fountain is equipped with an ultra-quiet, low-consumption pump. This pump’s water inlet is close to the bottom of the tank to keep water circulating all around. So there is no dead water and always provides fresh water to your pets! In addition, the LED light design makes this fountain a great decoration at home.
  • Triple-filtration System: 3 layers filter: Sponge could catch cats hair and debris, the ion exchange resin layer could soften the tap water, the third activated carbon layer could remove bad taste and odor that provides fresh and clean water to pets.

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