Lightweight Adjustable Folding Portable Walking Stick with Tripod Base & Stool

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Multifunctional Ergonomic Walking Stick: Strictly Based on Ergonomic design, comfortable, easy to increase the sitting plate, easy for Shopping or waiting for bus/ transit,fit the hip type design, and it is very comfortable to use, and will not be tired for a long time. Massage particles on the hips, good for fitness of the elderly. Massage handle, can massage wrist bone pressure point, conform to ergonomic designs, easy to hold.

Triangular/ Tripod Leg Stability: The triangular support is fitted with rubber foot cover to provide stable support without slipping. Non-slip leg cover with iron sheet in it, can keep the cane stable on the floor, durable for use.

Portable & Travel Friendly: keep it in your bag when you’re not using it or when you travel. Suitable for placement inside of luggage, backpacks, trunks etc. Comfortable grip /handle for easy use. Care should be taken when using the walking stick on wet floors, tiles and other slippery surfaces.


1. Lightweight aluminum tripod tubes

2. Easily fold and unfold in a second

3. Comfortable seat and handle with deluxe design

4. Sturdy frame with 1.5mm thickned tube

5. 5 levels height adjustable

6. Weight capacity:300lbs

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