Kobot RV353 Slim Robotic Vacuum

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Product Details

 Kobot RV353 Slim Robotic Vacuum allows you to keep your home clean with minimal effort

 double clean mode that cleans the space then returns to the base to recharge, once recharge is complete it will automatically go back out to clean a for a thorough secondary clean


  • Kobot works around your schedule with the Daily Scheduling feature allowing you to choose when you would like to clean the space, by selecting the time of day you wish on the charging dock
  • • After the cleaning is complete, the Kobot will start its journey back to the charging dock automatically
  • • Attachable mop pad for wet or dry sweeping
  • • Climbs surfaces up to 1" (2.54 cm)
  • • 2 Side brushes for extended cleaning near walls
  • • Roller brush with adjustable vacuum mouth

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