Instant Pot 9 in 1 5.7 L (6 qt.) Duo Gourmet

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The Instant Pot Duo Gourmet features a durable 5.7 L (6 qt.) inner pot comprised of high-quality, PFOA-free stainless steel, with no chemical coating. The cooker combines the functions of at least 10 of your kitchen cooking tools. It also has a fully customizable cooking time and temperature for Sous Vide water-bath cooking; longer cooking times result in tender, juicy, flavorful meat.



Extra sealing ring
Steam rack with handles
Serving spoon
Soup spoon
Silicone mitts
Measuring cup


Dimensions (L × W × H):
31.46 cm × 31.46 cm × 35.05 cm (12.4 in. × 12.4 in. × 13.8 in.)
Weight: 6.491kg (14.33lb.)

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