iDesign Beverage Bins – Set of 3

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Keep your refrigerator and freezer shelves organized with the iDesign Linus Beverage Bins. Ideal for storing all your favorite beverages!
The soda organizers hold up to 9 standard-sized beverage cans and are great for storing soda, sparkling water, juice, beer, and more. The water bottle organizer is designed to hold up to 9 larger beverages such as water bottles, sports drinks, energy drinks, and hard seltzers.
2 × soda can bins dimensions: (L × W × H/D): 34.59 cm × 13.97 cm × 10.16 cm (13.62 in. × 5.5 in. × 4 in.)
1 × water bottle bin dimensions: (L × W × H/D): 34.59 cm × 22.86 cm × 10.16 cm (13.62 in. × 9 in. × 4 in.)
  • Set of three beverage organizer bins
  • Soda organizers hold up to 9 standard-sized beverage cans
  • Water bottle organizer holds up to 9 larger-sized beverages
  • Can also be used for storing canned goods in the pantry
  • Made with food-safe, BPA-free clear plastic

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