Hoover PowerDrive Pet Upright Vacuum

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 Pet upright vacuum combines the power and suction you trust to deliver a deeper clean. Its swivel steering design effortlessly manoeuvers around furniture and into tight spaces with ease, while the new Advanced Action Brush Roll is engineered to tackle deep-down embedded dirt and reduce hair wrap.

The ON/OFF brush roll feature allows you to transition from carpet to hard floor with the touch of a button. Turn the brush roll ON for deep cleaning on carpets and OFF to prevent scatter of debris on hard floors. With 4 m (13 ft.) of cleaning reach, multipurpose tools, and an extra-large capacity dirt cup, you’ll be able to achieve a whole-home clean.


  • Crevice tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Pet turbo tool


  • Swivel steering to manoeuvres around furniture and into tight spaces with ease
  • Advanced Action™ brush roll that is engineered to tackle deep down embedded dirt and reduce hair wrap
  • Multi-floor cleaning: Turn the brush roll ON for optimal cleaning on carpet and OFF to prevent scattering of debris on hard floor
  • Easy to empty, extra-large capacity dirt cup means less emptying for a more convenient clean
  • Multipurpose pet tools to reach and remove stubborn dirt and pet hair with the tools you need for a whole-home clean
  • Quick release cleaning wand for easy transition from carpet to above floor cleaning with uninterrupted suction

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