HM132 Video Baby Monitor, Security Camera, 4.3'' Lcd Split Screen and Digital Cam

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 HeimVision video baby monitor adopts a 4.3 inch LCD screen and an HD wide-angle camera, which promotes you to catch every moment of your baby clearly. The split-screen for 2 camera can monitor two children or two rooms.

The HM132 baby monitor is directly connected to the camera, so there is no need to worry that the baby cannot be detected because the network is disconnected. Also, no data is uploaded to the Internet create a safety monitor environment. The long-range real-time transmission allows you to shuttle anywhere in the house and always keep your baby in sight.

The Vox function will activate an audible alarm. When the baby cries, it will automatically wake up the screen and notify you for the first time. You can comfort your baby immediately with the two-way audio, the advanced microphones and speakers gives you a clearly conversation, and you can respond in time everywhere.

Visible light 940 nm non-sensing infrared light creates an ideal sleeping environment without disturbing your sleeping baby. You can see a clear image after turning off the light at night, which can look after your baby through the monitor.

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