Hi5 K3 Intelligent Wireless Neck Massager with Heating System (white)

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Product Details

Hi5 K3 Intelligent 4 point fit Neck Massager uses low-frequency pulse, infrared light heating, U-Shaped Ergonomic design and 3D intelligent bonding technology, comfortable to wear and more satisfying.

During the working process, by maintaining the correct physiological position to provide a healthy and cozy therapy for cervical spine. With Hi5 Neck Massager, you can enjoy a more valuable, relaxed and happy multifunctional health care system at anytime and anywhere.

  • Hi5 K3 Intelligent Wireless Neck Massager
  • Remote controller
  • USB charger


  • Intelligent constant hot compress
  • Comfortable to fit the neck
  • Smart button adjustment with intimate sound reminder
  • Quite and silent noise insulation technology
  • Colorful flickering


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