Hi5 FlatHead Portable Vibration Massage Gun

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FlatHead Portable Vibration Massage Device is ideal not only for athletes, fitness enthusiast, and professional therapists but also for everyone who takes care of their own body wellness.

FlatHead Vibration Device reduces effectively muscle soreness and stiffness, deep tissue and fascia tensions and improves your mobility and daily life quality.

  • FlatHead massage device
  • Hard case with shoulder strap
  • Gift box package
  • Power adapter
  • Flat head attachment
  • Fork head attachment
  • Bullet head attachment
  • Cushioned head attachment
  • Spade head attachment
  • Round head attachment


  • Button control with 6 speeds choice, simple and convenient
  • Patented Smart Light System- 7 color light system for battery, speed and meaning of flicker
  • 2 hours fast charging and up to 8 hours run time
  • Light portable massage devices

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