GROBRO7 2Pcs Inflatable Kiddie Watermelon Large Swimming Pools Beach Ball Set Kids

Sale price$99.99


  • This kiddie pool uses watermelon design elements, the exterior is green, and the interior is red. This unique design can bring you the feeling of summer, and can bring more water fun to children. It is inflatable and can be used after inflation.
  • The watermelon beach ball is also designed with watermelon elements. It is like a watermelon, which can bring more and better fun to your children when playing on the water.
  • This watermelon inflatable pool and watermelon beach ball are made of PVC material, durable, safe, and child-friendly.
  • You can use the watermelon swimming pool as a children’s bathtub, sandbox, toy area, pet area, etc. It can provide a place for your children to have fun; the watermelon beach ball can be used as a water toy, 

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