Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Platinum Razor with 11 Cartridges

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Venus - Designed for her body

Venus razors are designed with a women’s body in mind. From handles designed for a comfortable grip to pivoting heads that contour to curves, Venus razors are designed to help reveal touchably smooth skin.

Extra Smooth skin with total control

Platinum edition: Enjoy a close, controlled shave with Venus Extra Smooth Platinum. With five diamond-like coated blades for a closer shave, and a solid metal handle that perfectly fits your hand, you’ll experience skin that feels extra smooth for longer*.

*vs. Venus Smooth 3-blade razor

Any Venus refill fits any Venus handle*

Did you know that any Venus blade refill fits any Venus handle? Find your perfect shaving match, without buying a whole new Venus razor.

*Except Simply Venus

Platinum edition: elegant metallic handle for total control

The elegant metallic handle paired with the soft grip gel inserts is moulded to fit your hand and give you total control when shaving in the wet environment. Its shape allows for grip changes and adapts to different women’s styles and body areas.

Five diamond-like coated blades for an extra smooth shave

Venus Extra Smooth Platinum features five diamond-like coated blades which are perfectly balanced to glide over skin, so you stay extra smooth for longer.

Ribbon of Moisture for incredible glide

The Ribbon of Moisture around the blades is activated when wet for an incredible glade that helps to protect against nicks and cuts.


  • 1 razor with 11 cartridges
  • 5 diamond-like coated blades
  • Elegant solid metal handle
  • Skin feels smoother for longer (vs. Venus Original)
  • Fits any Venus blade (except Venus Simply 3)

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