Foot Bath Massager with Heat Bubbles Vibration and 14 Massage Rollers

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  • Treat your feet with this heated bubbles foot spa to enjoy warming care for tired feet.Even the largest size 13 feet has plenty of room to stretch.When pouring water, please keep the water level between the lowest water level line and the lowest water level line to prevent water from splashing.
  • One button to activate the foot bath massager and choose personalized temperature range(95-118°F). Fast heating and temperature maintenance function provide stable, lasting heat without a long wait time for heating and worries about cold water.
  • Bubbling function releases numerous warming bubbles to stimulate foot acupoints and accelerate water heating. Vibration mode will make your feet more comfortable. Placing spa materials inside the built-in small box to get a better massage experience.
  • 4 massage rollers (not motorized) and T-shaped design of targeting accurate foot acupoints, soaking your feet in this foot spa basin to enjoy the comfortable experience.Rollers can be removed when necessary.

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