Family Matters Seasons 1-9 Complete Series (DVD)-English only

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Tough Chicago cop Carl Winslow and his dry-witted wife, Harriette, invite Carl's imperious mother to move in, expanding their clan of three children, Harriette's sister Rachel (Telma Hopkins) and Rachel's baby. In the first season, Mother Winslow meddles in Carl and Harriette's parenting but proves wise. Carl and Harriette beg Rachel to date again so they can have some time alone. Harriette gets jealous of Carl's shapely new female partner. Battle lines are drawn when the Winslow women challenge the men to a bowling match. And when son Eddie (Darius McCrary) talks his sister Laura into going on a date with nerdy Steve Urkel (Jaleel White), one of television's wackiest characters — with a unique laugh — takes over the screen. As the Winslows brace themselves for life's inevitable ups and downs, they continually prove that what matters most: family.

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