Eurographics Starry Night Puzzle with Accessory Kit - English Only

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The Eurographics puzzle and accessory combo kit includes a roll-and-go mat that easily fits your 1,000-piece puzzle. This mat, along with the inflatable tube, allows you to roll up the puzzle and put it away until you get a chance to get back at it. This special mat can be ironed safely, providing a smooth, stable surface. This product also includes a carrying strap for ease of transportation or hanging storage. Six stackable trays allow you to organize all of the puzzle pieces that have not yet been put together. There is also a 118 mL (4 oz.) bottle of glue should you decide you want to glue this beautiful puzzle together so that you can hang it up.

    • 1,000 piece puzzle
    • Roll-and-go mat
    • 6 stackable trays
    • 118 mL (4 oz.) bottle of glue
    • English only

Model: 8999-0665

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