eos 100% Natural and Organic Lip Balm Stick, 8-pack

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eos 100% Natural and Organic Lip Balm is formulated for sensitive skin and made with soothing Shea Butter, weightless coconut oil and protective antioxidants.
2 x Passionfruit Agave: tastes like pink passionfruit punch blended with sparkling tangelo.
2 x Raspberry-Kiwi Splash: tastes like a sweet and fizzy Kiwi mocktail with a splash of Raspberry nectar.
2 x Mango-Dragonfruit: tastes like ripe, creamy mango in refreshing sangria with slices of tropical starfruit.
2 x Coconut Sugarcane: tastes like rich, coconut drizzled with tres leches cream, crystal sugar and exotic vanilla.


Derma-tested & Hypoallergenic
Paraben & Phthalate Free
Long-lasting Hydration
Gluten Free

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