DR-HO'S - Pain Therapy System 4-Pad with Gel Pad Kit and Pain Therapy Back Relief Belt

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DR-HO'S® Pain Therapy System 4-Pad technology is proven to help relieve muscle tension and pain. DR-HO'S pain therapy system is doctor-developed, easy and safe to use, and is a professional grade TENS and EMS device. It also includes DR-HO’S proprietary AMP technology, which stands for auto-modulated pain relieving waves. DR HO’S AMP technology contains over 300 combinations of different pain-relieving stimulation techniques. This technology helps to prevent neural adaptation, which means that your body will respond to the stimulations to help relieve pain, maximizing effectiveness every time.
The pain therapy system is a drug-free pain-relief solution that starts working right away to help relieve muscle tension, pain and soreness associated with many conditions such as chronic and acute back pain, degenerative or bulging discs, tension headaches, knee and hip pain, arm pain, leg pain, foot and ankle pain, and pain related to sports and activities.
Features and Benefits:

  • Health Canada class II medical device
  • Dual port system : Allows you to treat 2 areas
  • 3 massage modes
  • Proprietary AMP technology only found in DR-HO’S® pain therapy systems  
  • 5 levels of intensity: clinical grade unit with lots of power, but adjustable for lighter stimulation
  • Massage timer: massage automatically turns off when time is reached
  • Water-based electrode gel pads
  • Electrode gel pads do not need extra gel added
  • Operates on 2 AAA alkaline batteries (batteries not included)
  • TENS technology
  • EMS technology
  • Lightweight system fits into travel case


  • DR-HO’S pain therapy system 4-pad
  • DR-HO’S pain therapy back relief belt
  • Water spray bottle
  • Pad placement chart
  • Instructional DVD
  • Travel case
  • Features:
  • Back Relief Belt with 2 pairs of replacement pads
  • Pad placement chart

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