Dippity-Do Colorpop Hair Makeup Chalk Multi-pack

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Change it up! Accentuate your hair with bold colours as often as you like without the mess or long-term commitment of hair colour.  Stick to just 1 tone or use all 4 at once. Comes in a special egg pod for easy application and on-the-go style! Washes out with shampoo.


  • Teal
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Blue

How to use:
1. Use on dry hair.
2. Use a towel on clothing and skin to prevent colour staining.
3. Twist off Colorpop lid and hold powder pod firmly (using the fingergrips) to rub colour powder directly onto hair wherever you want to add a splash, streak, or spike of bold, vibrant colour.
4. Massage product on hair for a more subtle blended effect.  Continue to layer on colour until satisfied with the intensity.
5. Shake off any excess powder after application.
6. Finish with a shot of hairspray to prevent the colour from rubbing off.

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