Sboly Professional Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine with 4 Settings

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  • Sboly automatic vacuum sealer machine offers the highest quality protection from air and freezer burns for your flavorful meal and fresh food, keeping them 5x fresh longer. With just a touch of a button, food preservation and cooking preparation can't be easier and faster.
  • 4 functions of Vacuum Sealing Plus, Vacuum Sealing, Sealing Only, and Canister. The special Vac/Seal Plus function gives you complete control over the amount of pressure so
  • you can expertly seal delicate foods or moisture-rich seafood, while the normal Vac/Seal seals within seconds, gets a tight seal
  • It’s also perfect for people who want a quick way to marinate or buy in bulk. And the useful built-in cutter can customize the bag size in few seconds whenever you want it. Fewer bags and food are wasted now.
  • automatic sealer machine boasts an easy-to-use top panel for one-touch operation. 2 food modes for moist or dry food to help you customize the perfect vacuum seal. A full starter kit and 2 extra replacement foam gasket is also included.

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