Cookina Club Reusable Cooking Sheet

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It is an alternative to aluminum foil and keeps your BBQ and oven clean and sparkling. Its non-stick quality allows you to cook food to perfection without using oils or sprays to grease the cooking surface. Right after use, wipe clean with a damp cloth or wash in warm soapy water.


  • PFOA free  
  • Wash thoroughly with water before first use  
  • Excellent for your oven, microwave oven, health grills, sandwich makers, propane and charcoal BBQs  
  • Perfect to line baking sheets and pans  
  • Use plastic or wooden utensils (no sharp utensils)  
  • Ideal for grilling vegetables, meat, pizza, baked goods, nachos, casseroles and much more  
  • Returns no odour or flavour from previous use  
  • Can be cut to size  
  • Ideal only for hotplate of your BBQ and not over open flame, ceramic or halogen
  • DO NOT cover the entire surface of your barbecue  
  • DO NOT place in direct contact with flames, burners or heating elements  
  • DO NOT use above 260°C (500°F)  
  • DO NOT use scouring agents to clean  
  • DO NOT fold or crease (store flat or rolled in Cookina® ring)  
  • NOT recommended for commercial use


    • Dimensions (L × W): 40 cm × 150 cm (15.7 in. × 59.1 in.)

Model: L164390

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