boscia Matcha Magic Super-antioxidant Mask

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A nourishing antioxidant treatment mask designed to protect, purify, and balance skin while diminishing the signs of aging. Helps treat inflammation to reduce the appearance of redness while improving skin tone and texture. Protects skin from free radical damage to minimize the appearance of age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles to help skin look visibly younger over time.
Using spatula provided or fingers, apply onto face to distribute opaque green layer all over or on targeted areas as needed. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse clean with warm water. Rinse spatula after each use.
  • Matcha green tea extract: Packed with anti-aging properties, antioxidants and vitamins to help reduce oil, fight free radical damage, brighten, rejuvenate skin detoxify skin; with acne-fighting and oil-control benefits it also helps reduce redness and inflammation
  • Bakuchiol: 90 to 95% natural Retinol-like functional compound without the negatives of Retinol Promotes collagen and elastin

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