Bomaker 190W Sound Bar, 2.1 TV Sound bar with Subwoofer, 125dB, 6 EQ Modes, 5 Bass Adjustable Surround Sound, Sound Bars for TV, 4K & 3D

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Bomaker Tapio III Detachable Bluetooth 2.1 Channel soundbar: Tapio III is a new generation of Bomaker. We are dedicated to providing audio and video lovers with a better auditory experience.

During previous generations of models, we have listened to many valuable suggestions from customers, and made continuous efforts in the areas of sound power, Bass, static noise, connection stability, and machine compatibility, so as to meet consumers' expectations. In this generation, we have developed adjustable Bass function, so that consumers can choose a suitable Bass sound by Bass+ function on the remote.


  • ass from the 5.25" strong subwoofer can be adjusted and customized by the BASS+ button on the remote.
  • 6 MODES ON YOUR NEEDS: Built-in multiple and specific modes fit different situations, delivering intensified sound for your
  •  Equipped with 190W 32" Full Range 4 Speakers and a 100W 5.25" strong subwoofer; digital emplifier reduces static noise and makes the sound cleaner; 50Hz-20KHz frequency

Model number : CA-Tapio II

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