Airhead Sun Comfort Suede Zero Gravity Lounges

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Product Details

Experience the feeling of weightlessness on the Sun Comfort cool suede zero gravity lounges. Lay down and relax while staying upright and checking out the views. Use it while tanning or reading, but be sure to keep a cool drink close at hand in the convenient drink holder.

The moulded carry handle makes them easy to move around on land or in water. A moulded rope holder is great for tethering to docks, buoys, boats, or other lounges. The patented speed safety valve allows quick and easy inflating and deflating with no parts to lose.

  • Deflated Dimensions (L x W):
  • 210.8 cm x 119.4 cm (83 in. x 47 in.)


  • Drink holder
  • Carry handle
  • Moulded rope holder
  • Speed Safety Valve
  • Cool suede material to keep you cool

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