The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 3 (DVD) – English Only

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June prays for the safety of Emily and Nichole, using words from Psalm 23. Meanwhile, Emily escapes with June’s baby Nichole into Canada after heavy currents in a river crossing, where they are granted asylum. Nichole is taken into the care of Luke and Moira. Back in Gilead, June visits her older daughter Hannah before being recaptured by the Guardians and returned to the Waterfords, but not before Hannah’s placement mother, Mrs. MacKenzie warns June that future visits could result in her execution in front of Hannah. In order to hide June’s involvement in Nichole’s “kidnapping”, Fred pins the blame on Emily, but Serena defiantly pins it all on herself by telling him and an agent of the Eyes that she was the one who gave away Nichole to a “murderer”, meaning Emily. She then tries to commit suicide by burning down the house, but she is rescued by June and Rita. After being punished at the Red Center, June is reassigned to Commander Lawrence, who had facilitated Emily and Nichole’s escape to Canada.


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