Panasonic Smooth and Shiny Hair Dryer with Nanoe Technology

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Model – EHNA65

  • 3 temperature settings (hot/warm/cool)
  • 2 Speed settings (high/low)
  • 1875 W

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Nanoe™ for Beautiful Hair. Anywhere.

Reduce Damage. Enhance Shine. Improve Smoothness. With the new nanoe (pronounced nano-E) Hair Dryer from Panasonic, you can dry your hair without drying it out. How? Our unique nanoe technology takes the moisture from your hair and in the air, and uses it to create tiny, moisture-rich particles that are small enough to penetrate the shafts of your hair, helping to strengthen and protect it against damage from heat and brushing.*

* Test results by Intertek, consumer study.

The Nanoe™ Advantage

The nanoe™ hair dryer helps strengthen, protect and beautify hair by taking moisture from the outside and putting it on the inside. The instant you switch on the travel hair dryer, naturally occurring ions in the air are drawn in and broken down into significantly smaller particles that are then combined and held together by water molecules. These new nanoe™ particles – each containing 1,000x more moisture than regular ions – are gently infused into your hair while drying and styling.

Quick Dry Nozzle for Healthy Drying

The quick dry nozzle emits alternating strong and weak airflows which separate hair strands to dry hair efficiently and rapidly. The unique blower mechanism dries hair from the roots to keep hair and scalp healthy and beautiful.

Precision Styling with 3 Pro-quality Attachments

Style while you dry with the Panasonic nanoe Quick-dry Nozzle for strong and soft airflows. The Panasonic nanoe hair dryer also includes a Concentrator Nozzle to direct air exactly where you need it for precision styling. And a Diffuser expertly dries curly or wavy hair, while also adding body and volume.

Dry Confidently with 2 Speeds / 3 Temperature Settings

The nanoe hair dryer Panasonic gives you control with high and low air velocities for different styles and drying times, plus hot, warm and cool settings for different hair types. A handy cool-shot button helps set your style more quickly.

Removable Filter

Quickly and thoroughly clean the Panasonic hair dryer’s easy-to-remove filter to help keep your Panasonic nanoe hair dryer operating at peak performance.


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