Omron® BP-786 : Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Plus Bluetooth® Smart Technology

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  • Extra-large Digits with Backlight
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detector
  • 200 Memory Storage with Advanced Averaging

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This Omron® BP-786 (10 series™) is an advanced accuracy upper arm blood pressure monitor with a ComFit® cuff having a range of 22.86 cm to 43.18 cm (9 in. to 17 in.). This unit provides the patient with many key features such as Bluetooth® connectivity, easy wrap cuff, TruRead® averaging and an irregular heartbeat detector. The monitor comes with a total of 200 memory storage with advanced averaging for 2 users (100 memory storage for each patient). The monitor can function using battery operation, but also comes with an AC adapter.
Features and Benefits:

    • Advanced Accuracy
    • Multi-coloured blood pressure level indicator lights
    • Easy wrap cuff
    • ComFit® cuff
    • TruRead®
    • Blood pressure level bar
    • Bluetooth® Smart connectivity
    • Extra-large digits with backlight
    • Irregular heartbeat detector
    • 200 memory storage with advanced averaging
    • Unit uses 4AA batteries (included)
    • AC adapter

Cautions and Warnings:

  • DO NOT adjust medication based on measurement results from this blood pressure monitor. Take medication as prescribed by your physician. Only a physician is qualified to diagnose and treat high blood pressure
  • Consult your physician before using the device for any of the following conditions: common arrhythmias such as atrial or ventricular premature beats or atrial fibrillation, arterial sclerosis, poor perfusion, diabetes, age, pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, renal diseases
  • The monitor is not intended to be a diagnostic device
  • Read all of the information in the instruction manual and any other literature in the box before operating the unit


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