Nancy Drew Mystery Collection (Boxed Set of 10 books) Vol. 11-20

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The Nancy Drew Mystery Stories Collection is the perfect gift for aspiring detectives or long-time fans of the series. This collectible set contains the Second 10 mysteries in the series presented in a specially designed slipcase. Enjoy the following Nancy Drew Stories in this set
• 11: Nancy Drew Mystery Stories – Nancy Drew Books
• 12: The Clue of the Broken Locket
• 13: The Message In The Hollow Oak
• 14: The Mystery of the Ivory Charm
• 15: The Whispering Statue
• 16: The Haunted Bridge
• 17: The Clue Of The Tapping Heels
• 18: Mystery of the Brass – Bound Trunk
• 19: Mystery of The Moss-Covered Mansion
• 20: The Quest of the Missing Map
The Clue In The Jewel Box – Nancy Drew Mystery Collection – Nancy Drew Box Set


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