Grace and Frankie: The Complete Series Seasons 1-4 (DVD, 12-Disc Box Set) – English

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Season 1
• All 13 episodes of the first season of the offbeat Netflix comedy-drama about two women in their seventies looking to reboot their lives. Straight-laced Grace (Jane Fonda) and free-spirited Frankie (Lily Tomlin) form an unlikely duo, but are brought together after their husbands, Robert (Martin Sheen) and Sol (Sam Waterston), announce that they are in love with each other and plan to wed. Together, they reclaim their own lives, finding joy in unexpected places, embarking on new adventures, and connecting with their own children.
Season 2
• They’re not friends, but when their husbands leave them for each other, proper Grace and eccentric Frankie begin to bond in this Emmy-nominated series.
• They’ve been through a lot together, and odd couple Grace and Frankie have bonded. But they still drive each other crazy on a regular basis.
Season 3
• Grace and Frankie try to get a bank loan to help start their new business. Frankie’s art show is rife with family tensions and minor dramas.
• Furious about Grace’s revelation, Frankie refuses to make up with her. In the wake of his fight with Sol, Robert decides to come out to his mother.
• Jacob shares something with Frankie that upsets her. Everyone rallies around Robert when his mother dies. Mallory confides in Brianna.
• Grace and Frankie face a lawsuit. Sol fights back against the homophobic play protesters. Frankie mulls over a move that would change everything.
Season 4
• Frankie visits from Santa Fe to attend the gender reveal party for Bud and Allison’s child. She finds out Grace has moved on and taken a lodger, Sheree.
• Frankie feels that the universe is giving her signs. Bud is ready to take another step in his relationship with Allison. Robert and Sol have an argument.
• Allison decides to give birth in her and Bud’s apartment and Frankie volunteers to deliver the baby. Grace has to avoid stairs before her knee surgery, so Sol invites her to stay with him and Robert. An escaped orangutan causes a lockdown.
• The children suggest Grace and Frankie should live in an assisted living community. Sol and Robert realize something about their relationship.


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