GoECOlife Limited Edition 10 Sheet Microcut Paper Shredder



• Available colours: black, blue and red
• 10-sheet capacity
• 13.3 L (3.5 gal.) Waste bin capacity
• Pack of lubricant sheets included

Virtually eliminates vampire energy waste. This machine will automatically power down soon after completing a shred job – this means it will consume virtually ZERO electricity even when on standby. 



Product Details

High-Level Security
This compact personal shredder will render any sensitive letter-size document into more than 1,200 particles.

For Home or Office
This sleek and simple design will be an attractive addition to the home or office.

Microcut Advantage
High-security microcut shred size nearly doubles the waste bin volume when compared with crosscut particles.

Shreds Credit Cards
Destroy old credit cards into virtually unreadable shards.


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