BIOS Diagnostics™ Premium Coloured Screen Blood Pressure


  • Colored Screen
  • 2 Users
  • MAM Averaging

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This deluxe automatic BP monitor features a coloured LCD screen for optimal readability. With its package of enhanced features and accessories, this model offers tremendous value.  This unit provides Bios Averaging feature which averages the last 3 reading, a common medical practice to evaluate blood pressure more accurately.  The AM averaging function averages readings taken between 4 am and 12 pm to identify morning hypertension due to heart attacks and strokes occurring more frequently in the morning.  By using BP assessment software, each reading is assessed according to the World Health Organizations classification for blood pressure, which helps patients identify potential risks, and values should be discussed with your doctor.

    • 2 users x 90 memories
    • BP assessment software
    • Detects irregular heartbeat
    • Time and date
    • Bios averaging  : Averages the last 3 readings taken
    • AM averaging : Averages the morning readings between 4 am and 12 pm


  • Cuff included
  • Storage case included
  • 4 x AAA batteries


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