Amopé Pedi Perfect Refill Roller Heads

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  • Total of 6 rollers
  • Mixed pack – 3 ultra-coarse rollers and 3 regular-coarse rollers
  • Use on wet or dry skin

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Keep your favourite Amopé Electronic Foot File long-lasting with replacement roller heads specifically designed for Amopé. These micro-alumina refill heads are effective yet gentle, and come in two intensities – Regular and Ultra-Coarse. Designed to provide perfect results on wet or dry feet


Product Details:

Regular Coarse Roller Heads, designed with marine minerals, are effective yet gentle form light hard skin removal and quick touch ups. Ultra Coarse Roller Heads, designed with finely ground diamond crystals, are effective in removing even the toughest hard skin.

*Replace your roller heads every 3 months for ideal efficacy. Use only Amopé replacement roller heads with Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot Files.


  • 3 Regular Coarse Roller Heads**
  • 3 Ultra Coarse Roller Heads**
  • Both refills are compatible on any Amopé Electronic Foot file device
  • Safe to use on both wet and/or dry skin


**Regular Coarse Roller head & Ultra Coarse Roller Heads for different levels of hard skin.


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