Airhead Sno-Rip Snow Skate



  • 7-ply hardwood deck
  • High, concave, steep nose and tail design
  • Durable moulded polymer subdeck
  • Nose-mounted surf-style self-coiling leash
  • Closed-cell EVA grip-top deck

Specifications: • Dimensions (L × W × H): 78.7 cm × 20.3 cm × 6.4 cm (31 in. × 8 in. × 2.5 in.)


Rip down the hill with the Airhead Sno-Rip snow skate. The 7-ply hardwood deck provides strength and durability to the Rip for many seasons of use. A high, concave design, and steep nose and tail keep the Rip from getting bogged down in the snow. A wide nose and tail, combined with a narrow waist, gives the rider the tools to carve out turns and do tricks on the way down the hill. A nose-mounted, surf-style, self-coiling leash keeps the Sno-Rip from getting away from you! The closed-cell EVA grip-top deck gives the rider a solid footing to skate through the snow.


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